When you think New York City, you have to think big. In almost every way, New York is different than any other city in the world. Its population currently stands at an amazing eight and a half million people. That makes it the largest city in the United States, though it is not enough to put it at the top of the world city ladder in terms of population. However, demographics show that New York as a city has more influence over more of the world than locations which can boast higher population numbers. If you are an Ontario lawyer, odds are you do business in some direct manner with New York, for example.

Another area in which New York and its demographics are incredibly different from anywhere else in the world is in the diversity of the city. No one group of people can be said to dominate the scene; census reports show that the city is one of the most blended in the world. It's really no wonder either, considering that New York has always been the main entry point into the United States from many old world countries. Not only can they find suitable neighborhoods here, but work as well. Tile strapping, unloading, and many other unskilled jobs have always been easy to find in the city.

As far as immigrant groups go, New York is again set apart from the rest of the world in that no one group is larger than any other. There are at least ten countries with equally high representation in New York, including Russia, China, Mexico, and the Dominican republic. Many of these people speak English as a second language; Canada's reputation as a multi-cultural country looks insignificant when compared to New York City.

New York demographics studies have traditionally caused researchers from the state as well as other areas such as Hamilton anxiety because the differences between different New Yorkers and different neighborhoods are so vast. To lump everyone together would invariably skew any numbers and make them not worth paying attention to. Alongside great wealth is great poverty; in Manhattan alone the wealthiest citizens make almost $200,000 a year on average, the poorest under $10,000.

New York is also one of the most densely populated cities in the world; in Manhattan, there are over 66,000 people per square mile, triple even the city's record setting population density which is 24,000 people per square mile. Crammed together are people who have no plumbing and people with a brand new tankless water heater, the rich and the poor. And New York's numbers are only projected to rise (by a million a decade) in the future.

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