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New York City is known to be a place for great opportunities. People move to New York from all across the globe in hopes for a life that is full of culture and style. But, a large number of people move to this great city in search of the perfect job. In New York City you can do everything from getting your acting career off the ground to selling personalized cell phone accessories. Whether you are a long time resident of New York or are new to the city, there are an endless amount of job opportunities available for people with all levels of education.

Google is known as one of the most popular companies in the world and one of its largest offices is located in the heart of New York City. Not only that, Google has also been named the best company to work for in the world by Forbes magazine several years in a row. They hire people with all different types of education and experience and have many different jobs available. So, whether you used to sell tray packers or have a bachelors degree, Google has a lot of great job opportunities available in New York City.

If you are looking for jobs in the general labor or construction fields you won't have a problem finding the perfect opportunity in New York City. Whether you are a welder, mechanic or have experience in livestock waterers, there are currently over a hundred jobs available in the city. Some general labor job opportunities include drivers, shipyard riggers, traffic control representatives and septic maintenance.

Another booming field in New York City is Human Resources. There are lots of great careers available at various different top agencies. You could have an extensive background at a SEO Canada firm or some light office work to be considered for a position in human resources. If you want to get in this field but have little training, there are numerous jobs available assisting to help you get your foot in the door.

The fields with the most number of jobs available in New York City are retail and hospitality. Currently, nearly five hundred jobs are available and the number will only continue to rise. If you just moved to New York, it may be a good idea to consider one of these fields in order to meet some new people and get to know the city better. Or, if you are interested in PR for food or owning your own clothing boutique, a job in retail or at a local restaurant would be the perfect starting place.

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