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Whenever people dream about moving to a big city they always envision places like Hollywood or New York City. If you want your dreams to come true, New York City, or the "Big Apple" as it's known, is the place to be. People will gladly give up their Canadian trade mark firm research job in order to move to New York in the hopes of realizing their dreams and making it big. Living in a big city such as New York City means traffic jams, loud street noise and pricey real estate. However, no one really thinks about those types of things when putting their Scarborough home for sale on the market before moving to New York City.

No way. They're more interested in the city life. Living in New York City means having great access to amazing shopping districts, theaters, businesses, professional sports, the best musical performances around and so much more. Why listen to your Rosedale Toronto real estate agent go on and on about how expensive the real estate market is in New York when you can think about things like watching the New York Giants play the Dallas Cowboys in the New Meadowlands Stadium? Or catching a Broadway performance of Jersey Boys or Avenue Q? Or doing some window shopping on 5th Avenue? Those are the real reasons you want to move to New York City.

Once you move to New York City you'll get yourself a job, doesn't matter if it's stacking boxes of tray packers or selling newspapers, so you can survive life in the big city. You live in New York City for the atmosphere and will do anything it takes to stay there. Eventually, if you keep at it, you'll hit it big and be able to truly enjoy life in New York City. It's hard not to when you have access to so much.

Until that happens you can walk around New York City and take in as much as you can. You can take a stroll in Central Park or walk down Wall Street to see how the gold bullion prices are for the day. You could also just try to take in as many important landmarks or hotspots as possible such as the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, Midtown Manhattan or Times Square.

Really, living in New York City means you can do it all. Whatever you want. If you have the will, there's always a way.

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