Living in New York City is a dream for many people. But it can take a lot to turn that dream into reality. You could have grown up living in downtown Toronto homes and still want something bigger for yourself or be from a small town and want the exciting career that is not possible at home. Whatever your reasons for moving to New York, you need to first make sure that you can afford it here. You should do that by checking out the city's cost of living and comparing that with your current city or town.

New York City is frequently the base city for calculating the cost of living index score for the world's major metropolises. This means that New York has an index score of 100. According to the 2009 index, the most expensive city to live in is Tokyo, Japan, with a score of 143.7. The cheapest city to live in of the top fifty cities in the world is another American town, Chicago with a score of 80.7. The only other North American city on the list is Los Angeles. Those living in places like Grand Harbour Toronto might be surprised to hear that their city was not a top fifty location.

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New York is eighth overall on the list. In terms of the rest of the country, the cost of living is about twenty percent on average higher than the rest of the country. This means that if you're considering a move, you should take an additional twenty percent of your paycheck for expenses like rent, food and transportation. If you still have enough disposable income to survive, you may be able to afford living in New York. You may not be able to get that designer cane line furniture Toronto would allow you to possess, but you will be able to pay your bills.

One of the advantages of living in New York is that salaries for equivalent jobs will also frequently go up about twenty percent. This might make all the difference in the world when it comes to affording this amazing city. Also, while many of the people living in Manhattan might have the income to afford a chef for hire Toronto trained, there are other sections of the city that are more affordable. There are easy commuting routes for as far away as Jersey City on the other side of the river.

When you're looking at the cost of living for your current location in comparison to New York City, you will want to take into account your own personal circumstances. If you were a member of fitness clubs Toronto but would be satisfied in New York with daily jogs through the park, this could make a little bit of difference. Take the time to decide what you're willing to give up to live in America's largest city.

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