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If you are planning to buy a New York City or Etobicoke condo, it's important to know what types of rules and regulations that the building has put in place. Some condominium rules may not fit your particular lifestyle, so it's important to know exactly what is expected from you as a tenant before you purchase your new home.

First off, if you plan to run your business from home and are thinking of buying a condo to set up shop in, be sure to carefully consider the buildings policies beforehand. More often than not, condo associations do not allow residents to use their suites as any sort of office where customers will be coming and going. Sure, if you want to use your Liberty Village condos for your office as a writer, for example, that would be fine. But, if you are going to be conducting business with clients and your condo is the primary office, most associations will forbid it.

If you have a pet, you should really read the fine print before settling into your New York City or Spokane WA condos. A lot of associations forbid the owning of a pet altogether while some only allow a cat or a small dog. There is nothing worse than finding out you can't have a pet after all the papers have been signed, so be sure to determine your buildings rules about pets.

If you find a condo that you wish to purchase, but plan on doing some major renovations to fit your taste, be sure to check out what policies your building has when it comes to renovations. Some associations do not allow any major reconstruction to a space, like making a room bigger or physically changing how the condo is planned out. So, when looking at New York City or Toronto condos and lofts, it's important to know if you can renovate before you buy so you won't regret it down the road.

Finally, before you move in to your new condo, it's essential to know a lot of the minor rules and regulations for your building because most associations have hefty fines put in place if a tenant breaks the rules. Whether you are going in on a condo rentals in Puerto Vallarta or are buying a New York City condo, think about things like noise levels, smoking, long term guests, patio use and parking regulations before you settle in. You want to make sure you enjoy your new space and not get hit with a huge fine because you weren't aware of one of these rules.

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