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Let's face it, when you have a zip in New York City, it would be easier to write an article on things you can't find to do here than what you can. It's the definition of the Big Time here in the United States and indeed on the whole continent (and really, most of the world). There is no city that is quite as developed, cosmopolitan, and entertaining as this one.

We know you have heard about all the famous attractions here in the city. The Statue of Liberty, the high end clubs where you can catch glimpses of celebrities, a never ending slew of concerts all over, Broadway, and the list goes on. What we want to take a look at here are some of the less heralded aspects of New York life. Once you get the major attractions out of the way, what is there to do?

Start Looking for the Smaller Clubs!

You wouldn't believe just how many artists got their starts in out of the way clubs on the New York City night scene. Just think of being able to tell your kids that you saw the next Guns 'n' Roses, Creed, or Smashing Pumpkins before they were famous. You happened upon them in a less popular venue in downtown New York, while they were still trying to get cash for scrap gold in order to finance their dreams.

Well, you never know what you will come across as far as entertainment off the beaten path in the big city. Whether you are looking for cutting edge comedy or rock's next big thing, give smaller venues and club gigs a chance!

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Well, you have probably heard that the shopping is great in New York City, but foreknowledge alone can't prepare you for what's really here. Forget Fifth and Madison, there are thousands of different malls and boutique lined streets in the suburbs and the city alike. They offer everything from Mon Cheri bridal dresses to new names in fashion, so you might want to save up a bit before going out!


When it comes to festivals and parades, nothing does it bigger than New York. It's the home of some of the biggest events in the world. Those aspiring to the world of film will definitely want to make your own business cards and head out to the Tribeca Film Festival, where your lucky break may await you. Halloween parades, the Gay Pride festival, and other events are also big attractions.

Wall Street

Could there be anything clearer today than how all of our fortunes are tied into what goes on in the world's biggest financial market? And yet, few of us really have an idea of how it all works. Taking a tour of Wall Street and the NYSE floor won't really make anything clearer, but it can be fun to see the chaos which surrounds otherwise boring matters such as actively managed ETFs and bonds.

We really haven't even taken a look at the peak of the iceberg, let alone the entire tip. Your idea of a good time might be entering a dream car raffle at an exposition or enjoying the cuisine of the Arctic; whatever you want to do, New York City has something to offer you!

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