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If you have very specific real estate needs, then a zip in New York City can help you to fill them. There are plenty of properties to choose from in this huge city, both in the metropolis itself and in the suburbs. Let's take a look at a few of the highlights as far as New York real estate is concerned.


First of all, make no mistake. If you think that the prices on condos in downtown Toronto are outrageous, you will have a panic attack when looking at the tags on properties in New York. The city is already full of people, and the population keeps right on growing. That means there is less and less space, while at the same time the need for housing is increased.

As a result, the prices in New York for real estate are among the highest in the world. You can expect to find equivalent New York property selling at almost double what it would if it were central Toronto real estate, and that is really saying something.

The best bet for the average home owner in this case is not only to look for a reasonably priced home, but an agent who understands the unique market which is New York. Different areas will see dramatic price hikes and falls within the same year, and you need to find an agent who can point you in the right direction. Very few properties in New York are similar to King West condos, which tend to stay at level increases in price.

Waiting Lists

Another thing to keep in mind when you are looking to switch from an 18 Yorkville unit to one on Columbus Square is that often, you will have to contend with long wait lists. The condo market in New York is incredibly hot, particularly in the nicer areas of the city. Start making decisions now, or you will find the wait increases exponentially!

Cutting Edge Options

One of the truly great things about New York City is that it is on the edge of everything, and that includes real estate development. The developments here define trends for the rest of the continent; you will find the predecessors of the latest in Scarborough condos in the heart of the city.

The options are truly vast. You may prefer to live in a penthouse atop a forty story complex in Manhattan, complete with a food store and a salt water port, and a view of the Statue of Liberty. Then again, a Greenwich Village unit might be more to your liking, right by the city's pulse. Modern glass structures or gentrified facades, there is something to be found for everyone.

And of course, let's not forget the stand alone options available to the upwardly mobile in the City. They are being outpaced by the condo market and they're not cheap, but if you are looking for something larger than a condo, they are available. Just make sure to shop around for the best mortgage rates, or ask your realtor to help you!

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